Trip recap : Moab, Utah

By April 6, 2020Adventures, Guides

We reached out to our Active Endeavors followers on social media and asked them to share photos + stories from trips they’d recently been on, pre social-distancing. We hope these recaps both inspire you to plan future getaways, as well as take the time to reflect on any adventures you’ve been on. Keep the great stories + photos coming, we’d love to share!


First up we are sharing stories from a trip to Utah, by Jennifer M.

I went to Moab, Utah in September 2019. We started in Canyonlands, where we saw the sunrise at the Mesa Arch. Then we went to Arches National Park where we hiked the devils trail at the landscape arch. We camped for three nights close to Canyonlands. We cooked our dinners over an open fire and had leftovers for breakfast in the morning. Temperature that time of year during the day is about 80, and at night it gets cold into the 50’s. I would definitely recommend bringing a warmer sleeping bag. One thing that is a must have on this kind of trip is a hatchet with a hammer head. You have to drive your camp tent into the ground, and it’s not easy with it being so rocky. I would highly recommend camping along the river between Arches and Moab. We also visited Dead Horse State park which is close to Canyonlands. (This is where Thelma and Louise jumped off the cliff in the movie!) The hikes we took were incredible and ranged anywhere from a quarter of a mile to 7 miles. Looking forward to our next adventure…Glacier National Park in August!