Written by AE Ambassador: Jessica Schroeder


“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.” – Pablo Picasso


Below is a list of some of the important lessons we learned out on the trail.

PART 3:  Lessons Learned


1. Less Weight in Our Packs 

Rookie mistake….right?! This is probably one of the biggest lessons we learned from the trial run. Packing for a backpack trip is relative to your basic needs for day-today travel paired with your physical fitness to carry a load for extended trekking periods. My recommendation, pack only necessary items or pay the consequences with more weight to carry. 

2. Be Prepared for All Types of Weather 

We should have invested in an additional liner for our sleeping bags and more clothing layers for overnight comfort in the cooler temperatures.  Although we will be expecting warmer weather for our nights in Utah, always expect the unexpected…..we will still plan to pack some kind of warm and/or dry gear.


3. Easy in, easy out.

Our tent really is as easy as it looks – so don’t try to over-complicate it and opt for a tent that you can set-up quickly to gain shelter from the elements or tear down quickly to get back on the trail. 

4. Leave No Trace


Before Utah we need to invest in some outdoor bathroom essentials such as a trowel, and other eco-friendly wiping utensils.  #leaveitbetterthanyoufoundit


5. Nutrition 

We discovered that we LOVE backpacking meal and food pouches!  Each pouch with 2 servings is an ample amount to split for any given meal. They are amazingly easy, clean and taste great!  For Utah we will be more concerned about packing generous amounts of electrolytes and snacks to fuel us for multiple days at higher temperatures.

In conclusion — life is unpredictable…..just like the weather….outdoors and people. Make sure you are prepared as best you can be — for the unpredictable; this will result in a more enjoyable outdoor adventure no matter the challenge.  Now get out there and find your next adventure!