You’re in for the long haul at the festival this year.

Here’s a checklist to make sure you’re geared up to live the camp-life at your favorite festival this season.

The Necessities


Home away from home.

Night Lights

Head Lamp. Lantern. Twinkle Lights.


Traveling Refrigerator. Perfect for all types of provisions.

Insulated Drinkware

Keep your coffee hot. And your iced beverages cold.


Protect those eyes. Look good in the process.

Cash Money

Sure, they'll have ATM's. But who wants to wait in line?

Rain Jacket

You can't control the weather. Be prepared.

Bug Spray

Nobody wants to get eaten alive. Be the hero.

Sleeping System

Sleeping Bag + Sleeping Pad + Pillow

Water Jugs

Hydration. Cleaning. Emergency Night Light.


Get your breakfast game on so you can party all day long.

Hydration Pack

Staying hydrated is key.

Skin Protection

That sun is beating down. Protect yourself.

Medical Kit

Things happen. Be prepared.

Toilet Paper + Baby Wipes

You can never have too much.

Trash Bags

Don't be that guy. Leave it the grounds how you found it.

Bonus Gear


Double that sun protection.

Camping Chair

Stand all day. Sit and enjoy the night.


Almost a necessity.

Travel Towel

Maximum absorption. Quick Dry. Pack Light.

Camp Stove

Who says you have to live on PB&J all weekend?


Take a load off and Catch some Zzz's.


Just because the music stops, doesn't mean you have to.

Buckshot Pro

Speaker. Flash Light. Charger.

Duct Tape

The fixer of most things.

Coffee Press

Morning Coffee is a Must.

Heading to Hinterland Music Festival┬áthis year? Good news for you – if you happen to forget a thing or two, we’ll be set-up on site with a hammock lounge courtesy of our friends at ENO as well as a little camp store in case you forget a thing or two.

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