While my natural inclination when I go to Active Endeavors is to shop all things Patagonia, I was intentional about looking at the more casual, day-to-day options. From yoga apparel brands like Lole, to a new brand to the store, Stateside, you can stay fashionable and also, very comfortable.

With several trips on the radar, I opted for a simple black pullover. It’s easy to layer a tank underneath or throw a jacket on over. Not too thin, not too bulky. From wearing on flights to adding some accessories for work in Des Moines, it’s a piece I keep returning to over and over again.

In fact, here I am repping it on a run called the Hessen Haus Hustle, where we run from the State Capitol, “enjoy” a liter of beer at the Hessen Haus, and run back. My partner and I placed third!

Almost everything you find at AE is like that: high quality and incredibly comfortable. Pair that with the everyday use and knowing shopping local is always a great option, and I feel like I made a very worthwhile investment.

Head in to find your transitional pieces… winter is creeping up!

Written & Reviewed by Active Endeavors Ambassador: Emily Steele

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