Durable Organization

Lighter than most duffels, the Black Hole duffel is among favorites for outdoor¬†enthusiasts and travelers. With its ease of transport, padded shoulder straps and durable make-up it’s a great addition to anyone’s adventure arsenal. To up your gear organizing game, Patagonia introduce their new line of Black Hole Cubes this season. Coming in with 2-, 6- and 10-liter sizes, the traditional durable fabric from the duffel helps make these cubes a great way to keep your gear safe and more organized.

Active Crew Review

Active Crew Member: Adam | Camping, Snowboarding, Surfing


The original “Black Hole” gear bag.

20 years old and still going strong. It has hauled everything from wetsuits in California, camping supplies to Wyoming, snowboard gear in Utah and the best haul of all, beer back from the West Indies.

Original Black Hole Duffel from Patagonia