Here are some comments on New Zealand and tourism:

  • Tourism is the #1 source of revenue for the country. Animals (sheep and beef) are #2.
  • The country has 4 million residents. 1.3 million people come in each year as tourists.
  • The country has set up an extensive infrastructure for this industry.

A few examples:

Toilets…Everywhere you go you will find large, clean (and I mean clean) toilets. People have to go so they built a countrywide infrastructure.

Many of them have showers for the campers and hikers. Very civilized.

I-sites (tourist information)…These are businesses in every major tourist area. They are staffed with salaried, travel- knowledgeable people, tons of maps and brochures. The staff can make all reservations for activities, hotels, transportation, restaurants.

Toilet dumps…many tourists drive camper-vans. So…there are many places in camper parks and road-side rest areas to dump the tanks.

Water…many people backpack or have camper-vans. They need drinking water. Every town has many fountains and hose connections.

Driving and walking…I mentioned earlier about driving on the left.

Frequently you will see arrows painted in the road reminding tourists which side of the road to drive on.  The other picture is from a pedestrian crosswalk.

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