This past August I embarked on a week long journey with my family to Estes Park, Colorado.

The trip was filled with hiking, my mother getting married and beer drinking. I have now been asked to put a list together of the top 10 “things” that accompanied me on said journey. Here is my list (in no particular order):

1. Girlfriend

Who doesn’t want to do something cool with someone cool? (and when saying “no particular order,” I mean that applies only after #1…GIRLFRIEND is #1).

2. Prana Stretch Zion Pants

I wore these pants on every hike and around town. If you want to know more about the pants, come in and ask me because I have too many good things to say.

3. Pocket Sketch Book

Drawing keeps me sane (whatever that means) and carrying a full-sized sketch book can be a little much at times.

4. Osprey Trip 20

This is an incredibly simple pack I used daily on the trail and around town.

5. Whiskey AND Scotch

Self-explanatory …and yes, I know the difference between the two.

6. Merino Wool

I believe I had three pairs of FITS socks (one for hiking and two for not hiking) and I had two Tech Lite SS Shirts from Icebreaker. Merino wool is king. No stink, never gross, always great.

7. Outdoor Tech's Turtle Shell 3.0

Music goes well with just about everything.

8. Food/Snacks

As much “real food” I ate up there, jerky and trail mix were consumed in large quantities.

9. Sunski's Dipsea Sunglasses

These little guys are polarized and look good (as sunglasses should).

10. Book

Currently, I’m working my way back through The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series and brought with me The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. Good stuff.