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Greg Bellville


Born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa.  My passion for the outdoors began while camping as I worked my way through the Boy Scouts.  After college I moved to Utah. I spent half my time in the Wasatch Mountains, hiking and snowboarding, and the other half living out of a backpack on the Utah-Colorado boarder, working as a Wilderness Therapy Counselor.  It was there I honed my outdoor survival skills and gained a strong appreciation for non-primitive campsites.

I moved back to Iowa and started riding road bikes.  I met my wife, Amanda on my first RABGRAI.  Together we got into bike camping, and mountain biking.  As new parents we try to get the family outside as much as possible.  We are working on visiting each of Iowa’s State Parks and each of the National Parks.  We continue to head west each winter to visit and ride different mountains.