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Bo Geigley


I was born here in West Des Moines and spent most of my youth skateboarding and snowboarding. Growing up, almost all of my time was spent outside rolling around on something — and not much has changed now that I am older.

I love to spend time outdoors with my family.  Now that I’m the father of two young kids, I try to get out as much as possible and go on as many adventures as we can. My wife and I are passionate about showing our kids the world and we love to see their reactions. We take hikes, kayak, bike, snowshoe, snowboard, skateboard, surf, and camp as much as possible (sometimes just in the backyard).

I really love doing solo adventures as well. Taking bike rides on our many trails to see how many miles I can crank out in a day, or hitting the off-road trails on bike or unicycle (MUNI). Active Endeavors has become my headquarters for the gear I need for all of my hobbies. Whether it is Klean Kanteens that I use for everything, jackets, gloves, shoes – you name it – most of the components have been outfitted by Active Endeavors. And that goes for my family as well.

My friend organized my first hiking trip many years ago through the North Cascades in Washington.  When he took me shopping for gear, I was initially overwhelmed with the prices of everything that I ‘needed’ at the time. So, I went cheap on several things – which basically translates to heavy. The hike was amazing and life-changing, but I certainly do remember the bulk, the discomfort, and the fact that I had about 3x more stuff with me than I needed. That trip led me to where I am now — a full-on gear junkie. I love to see the new stuff evolve every year and compare it with what I currently use. This is the reason that I spend so much time in Active Endeavors.

I spend a lot of time dreaming about future adventures, watching a lot of adventure films and reading trail journals. I feel that getting outside and enjoying nature are crucial to leading a long healthy life and also contributing to a person’s overall happiness. This is something that I recognized a long time ago, and want to instill in my children. I really want to show them everything that is out there and give them the same  appreciation for the outdoors that I have – that is my goal. Plus , my wife and I have a lot of fun along the way too. Having the right gear makes enjoying the outdoors even better for our whole family.