Active Storytellers

 Each month we’re inviting someone from our community to come and share their story. Whether it’s travel, a life changing outdoor experience or simply choosing to incorporate outside play while balancing work and a family – we want to help our Active Family and community share those stories.

Sponsored by:

Zach + Emily Steele

Travel + Iowanderers

Laurie DePhillips

She Shreds Ambassador

(Click Laurie’s photo to see her storytelling session in full.)

Calvin Johannsen

100 Summits in 100 Days

(Click Calvin’s photo to see his storytelling session in full.)

Ben Nelson

A Gap Year in Patagonia & The Rockies

(Click Ben’s photo to see is storyteller session in full.)

Tom Stanley

Discovering Japan by Foot

Brad Dains


(Click Brad’s photo to see his storytelling session in full.)

Steve Cannon

Iditarod via Bike

(Click Steve’s photo to see his storyteller session in full.)

Do you have a story you want to share?

We’d love to hear it – share your story with us here .