Active Crew Member: Ashleigh

A newbie to the family, when she’s not out on the floor, Ashleigh is helping us with our social (media) skills.

Are you a Des Moines native? If not where did you live prior?

I’m originally from West Texas, but I’m going on my 11th year of living in Des Moines. In the words of my parents, I’m an Iowa Captive.

Give us a quick rundown of what life looks like for you when you’re not dropping wisdom at Active Endeavors.

I live a pretty active life and am typically always on the go. When I’m not working here I do freelance graphic design and run a print studio out of our garage. In my free time outside of that, you’ll find me on our patio grilling with friends, running around Beaverdale or Greenwood Park, trying local bars and restaurants, and getting outside whenever possible. Fishing, camping, golfing, hiking – you name it if it gets me outside under the sun, I’m game.

How long have you been an Active Crew member?

I started in September of last year – so I’m a newbie to the Active Family.

What is your favorite part about working at AE?

I’ve had the opportunity to meet some really incredible people. Be that the people I work with everyday or the customers that walk through the door – everyone who comes in here has a unique story and I love hearing those stories.

What type of gear do you like talking about the most?

I would say I’m most comfortable talking about shoes and jackets – but I really love talking about the fashion and lifestyle pieces we have in the store since that’s an interest of mine.

What are you most excited about from our Spring/Summer collection?

The old-school Vasque Skywalks are pretty rad. Nau, United by Blue and Toad & Co. have some really great lifestyle pieces for men and women, the activewear for women is solid and of course Patagonia knocked it out of the park with their hats.

What is your favorite activity to do outside?

Camping is definitely my number one, but I also love fishing. Even though I never catch anything, I think it’s more about the experience of being by a body of water, having great conversations and drinking a couple of ice cold beers that make it so special. It could also be the fact that my fiancé proposed to me while fishing, that probably helps a bit…

Top 3 favorite local spots.

Our patio in our backyard, Badger Creek/Waterworks Park/Browns Woods/Greenwood Park, The Library Cafe

Best trip you’ve taken to date? Anything cool coming up?

I’ve been fortunate to see some really cool places – Ireland, Costa Rica, Bahamas, Cozumel and various spots in the southern regions of the U.S. All were with special people and have an abundance of special memories – I don’t think I could choose just one.

This summer we’ll be taking a road trip out west – heading toward Portland through South Dakota and then driving down through the Red Forest to Palo Alto and back up through Utah. I’ve never had the chance to really experience the west/northwest regions of the US – so to do it by car and primarily camp along the way is a dream come true.

If you were stranded in the wild - what 3 pieces of gear would you want with you?

Our Mountain Hardware Drifter 3 Tent (it survived near tornado-like weather), Elena (she’s way more resourceful than I am), and some Old Forester Whiskey.