AE Picks: Beach + Lake

That summer sun is hot and you’re ready to hit the water. Check out our picks for all the gear you need to enjoy your favorite body of water.

AE Picks: Camping

Starlit nights and the aroma of a campfire are on the horizon — and we’ve got the gear to help you create memories to last a lifetime.

AE Picks: Lifestyle

From trail, to bike path, to downtown — our apparel can stick with you through all of life’s adventures.

AE Picks: Travel Gear

Whether it’s a quick jaunt within the state or an 8 hour flight overseas, you should make your list and check out our picks first before you log some miles this summer.

AE Picks: Hiking

You’ve got big plans to hit the trails this summer. Whether it’s a quick hike through Greenwood park or backpacking somewhere far away, make sure you’ve got all the gear you need to take you there.

AE Picks: Trail Running

Whether you’re a newbie trail runner or a seasoned ultra runner, spring is a great time to evaluate your gear and refresh your options.

AE Picks: Biking

Whether it’s a casual weekend ride with friends or you’re hitting the trails to get in some miles — our spring and summer picks will help you tackle both.

AE Picks: Climbing

Whether you’re an advanced climber who doesn’t blink at the idea of climbing Half Dome or you’re hitting Climb Iowa a few days a week — it doesn’t hurt to reassess your gear and apparel to make sure you’ve got everything you need for your next climb.