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Whether it’s the side of a mountain or your favorite neighborhood park – our brands are made to go with you on all of life’s adventures.

And your Active Crew wants to know how you choose to adventure so we can better serve you and our community by continuing to bring in the top gear for our Active Family.

When you tag @activedsm or use the hashtag #activedsmfamily you’re helping us to connect others in our community with information, inspiration and opportunities so they can continue to see out adventures local and afar.

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Recent Active Family Stories


Shirley and Larry Ladd: New Zealand Glacier Helicopter Flight

| Active Family | No Comments
Larry wanted to do a “doors off” private helicopter photo shoot ever since reading Tripadvisors long list of complaints about NZ’s helicopter rides.  Typically, the helicopter is packed with people....

Shirley and Larry Ladd: Soaring New Zealand Skies

| Active Family | No Comments
Back in 2009 in Guatemala, Larry and I met an Army helicopter test pilot from the US.  He told us about a major gliding center in Omarara, NZ.  He described...

Active Endeavors Coat Drive | FW2017

| Active Family, Community, Events | No Comments
We're giving back this season and we need YOUR help. During the month of November, we've teamed up with the force behind the Winter Warmth Drive.  As members of our Active Family,...

FW17 | AE Staff Picks

| Active Family, Featured | No Comments
Our Active Crew's favorite time of the year is when we get the first looks at new gear and apparel for the season. Check out some of our crews top...