We opened in 1993 with a simple purpose:

To provide specialized outdoor apparel and equipment that allowed people in Central Iowa to choose adventures beyond just our beautiful state. It didn’t matter if it was a camping trip along the Mississippi River or trekking in the Himalayas, our knowledgeable staff knew how to connect each customer with the right apparel and gear—and we only brought the best products the industry had to offer.


Boss man, Patagoniac, had hair


Boss lady, Mom, tagging aficionado


Slowly growing up


Hardcover. Merino. Pinot. Meow.

We chose manufacturers who shared our same values of quality and integrity, so we were able to not only stand behind every single product on our shelves, but also support every single customer on their next adventure.


T-Shirts, Flannel, Whiskey


like Matthew McConaughey in a Lincoln commercial

Matt Thrash

State motto: 'Live Free or Die'


Logan & Taylor's Cool Mom

More than twenty years later, our purpose still holds true. Although times and trends have changed, while the outdoor lifestyle has evolved into an everyday active way of life, we’ve stayed true to our passion for adventure and sharing our experiences with the people in our community. Their stories are our story.


Fitness, Hair, Kuhl pants


Climbing, Hiking, Tele skiing


UI Athlete, Thrillseeker


Risk taker, Animal lover


Call your mom


Last minute adventurer. Always.


runner and mountain enthusiast

Active Family

Active Endeavors is more than just a local business that supports an outdoor lifestyle. We are people who like to explore the impossible. If you think you’d be a great fit for our crew, click here to apply.

Active Family Spotlight
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